02 juin 2010


Cusco TRAVEL: City Tour:The City of Cusco is surrounded by several Incan and Colonial buildings. This combination of buildings gives Cusco a magical architecture and style. The Cathedral of Cusco, completed in 1654, is a masterpiece of Colonial architecture. At the Qoricancha Temple, the Spaniards built the Church of Santo Domingo. This building is a clear example of the use of Incan walls as the base of Colonial buildings. The mystery of Sacsayhuaman has been part of the research of several archeologists from all over the world because of its immense stones placed together.cusco

CuscO TRAVEL: Sacred Valley Tour 1 day:Cusco:The majestic Urubamba River crosses the rich Valley of Urubamba. Coming from Cusco, it is easy to understand why the Incas named it the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Around the valley are several sites and towns of Incan origin. The ruins and towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo are examples of the Incan heritage and proof of the amazing stonework used by the Incas. A day-long excursion to this beautiful valley will provide a magical life experience.cusco

CUSCO TRAVEL: Southern Cusco Tour 1 day:Cusco:Southern Cusco was inhabited by the Waris, the Incas, and the Spaniards, all of whom chose the area because of its beauty and rich land. About 1500 years ago the Pre-Colombian culture named Wari built Pikillacta, believed to be an administrative and ceremonial center. (cusco)Later on in the same area, the Incas built the Royal Gardens of Tipon, where it is possible to observe an incredibly perfect system of aqueducts as well as beautiful terraces. During the colonial period, the Spaniards built a church in Andahuaylillas. Today this Church is widely known as the Sistine Chapel of South America.cusco


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